Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Miss M turned 4!

My baby turned 4 last week! I cannot believe she is that old. Doesn't seem possible.

We had our first birthday party for her as well. It worked out so well. First, I have been sick for about 7 weeks (thus, no blogging) so I really did not have the energy to create a party. But, it was time and she deserved it.
I found this amazing deal at a bouncy house venue and set it up there. 16 kids, 2 hours, no mess on my end....AH!!! Now that's a party!

Happy Birthday, Miss M!!!
May your fire and spark for life allow you to grab a hold of God and never let go. It is fun to watch you grow!


Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Whoa!!! That is insane!

Happy Birthday M!

kim said...

My Lord, she is so cute! Okay, I have to say that having the birthday party somewhere besides your house totally rocks and is worth every penny!

Sue Schlabach said...

Your 4-year-old Miss M is really a little gem. How we love her and her brothers!