Monday, March 21, 2011

My boys are growing up!

My boys will turn 6 this week! I still cannot believe how fast the time has gone by. Six years ago this very week, we turned in our paperwork and were placed on the waiting list for our first child. The above picture was taken about 5 weeks later. I love how God already knew who our children were going to be. I praise God for the birthmother who made the ultimate sacrifice here on Earth. She could not provide for her child and chose adoption. What a gift we have. Two amazing boys who are growing up so fast. How blessed are we!
I have to go squeeze my boys now!


Darcy said...

I still remember when you sent me that picture! What blessings!

Chiara said...

I remember being at BJ's and you showing everyone the picture of your twins you would be adopting! I was SO excited for you! They are amazing blessings and the sweetest boys ever! Happy birthday, Kai and Cole!

The Cordaro Family said...

Ok, I am saying that Captain C is on the left and Krazy K is on the I close? Can't remember because it has been SO long since I was shown the picture. (WHEW! Almost typed in their names and gave away their true identities! YIKES!! I feel like they are super heros or something!)