Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I find myself laughing at the antics these three have been up to lately. Talk about creativity! They are changing faster then I can keep up with. So much of our adult life seems to remain the same. I'm sure it really doesn't, but in comparison to the kids...WOW! Every day brings on a whole new set of adventures. Fun to watch and grateful to be a part of.

My cuddle bug!
He is always the one that I can grab at a moment's notice and wrap into a tight ball and just hug. Love it!!!! I hope he realizes that I will do this forever (or for as long as he remains smaller then me!)
He is always thinking, and talking!!! I seem to remember having to place him in speech therapy and sensory development when he was little. Hmmm.....maybe that wasn't a good idea! Kidding! This kid LOVES to talk. I mean, really loves to talk. He actually converses better with adults and I'm not surprised. He wants to share what he knows and is always curious as to what is going on around him.
He has taken off with his math skills. While math facts may not be his strong suit, talk about money and give him story problems with coins (such as- if I have 3 dimes, 2 nickels, and 4 pennies, how much do I have?). He answers very quickly and it totally excites both of us that he found something that he enjoys.
Still loves balloons and making balloon animals. Loves to build with legos, tinker toys and anything else that he can grab. He built a windmill the other day.... pretty impressive!

My Krazy K!
He won't admit it, but this kid loves to sing and if I don't get him into acting soon, not sure what we will do. I'm pretty sure that next year he will participate in our church's Christmas musical whether he wants to or not (and he'll end up loving it).
He is our self proclaimed leader of the bunch. Loves making sure that everyone is on task and doing the right thing.
Lately he's been on the hugging kick and I definitely won't refuse. He has so many interests, it's hard to keep up! Loves playing pirates and "army" and always has his trusty stuffed animal buddies nearby. He's like me and squeaks and makes everything bounce (wonder where he got that from?). Really enjoys bike riding and riding his razor. Recently learned to jump of curbs with his bike! I'm thinking elbow pads may need to be added when he's riding.
His reading skills have also taken off. Can't leave out anything anymore if we don't want it read. That has also led to great discussions and a lot of vocabulary building.

Miss M!
We are learning our letters, one at a time!!! While we are not a fan of tracing our letters, we'll do anything else. She loves to color, build puzzles and is getting really really good at counting. But ask her what her favorite thing to do is- dress up and playing with her dolls! She creates the funniest outfits while playing and already likes heels.
I think I need to find her a dance class or gymnastics. Loves to twirl, dance and sing!
We like to make up stories together and read lots of books.
She started Awana this year at church as well as a Friday preschool co-op. Both programs have her memorizing scripture. She is getting really good at it. I should never have doubted her ability. She is coming into her own now and has her own ideas! The silliness has definitely increased with her. I still find it funny that friends think she is quiet....have they not been at our house?


kim said...

they are so cute! i hope to see them someday in person so i can put each face with their personality!

The McKays said...

loved reading an update about your sweet bunch. will have to do this soon myself. great way to journal what they've been up to with specific. such great pics of them, too!