Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Be Still!

Psalm 46:10- Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

While the first part of this Psalm was ringing (loudly)in my ears all day today, I love the promise that God will be exalted. But it was the first part that has gotten to me today.

My kids are still sick. Ugh, really!? It actually bothered me because it is coming at such a bad time of the month in regards to my work schedule. I am committed to meeting my families each month and I work really hard to get them all on the same schedule, so I can limit my dependance on outside help from my Mom and friends for the kids. So when they are sick, it really catches me off guard in regards to work. Praise God, it really hasn't happened a lot.

So my Mom, lovingly, with a mask on, took in the sick ones for the past 2 days with 1 more day to go. (okay, so she wasn't really wearing a mask, but I bet she thought about it!)
I ran off to my meetings debating all the while- call the doctor, don't call the doctor, call the doctor, don't call the doctor. Many virtual daisies were plucked in the process! I mean, it's a cold...yes it's a cough and a temperature, but everyone has those. Do they reeeaaallly need to be seen. And then the whole antibiotics issue. Anyway........
I called
We went
We actually could only get 1 child in, but the Doctor (seriously, bless her heart) looked at both kids and said...Uh, they both need to be looked at.
We diagnosed....

Can I receive my Mother of the Year crown now?

Of course, I had to run back to meetings after the appointment, but from that point on, this verse started running a little more loudly through my head.
Be Still
No really...Be Still.
Who is in control? You or Me?

So after my last meeting tonight, I sat in my car and thanked God for all the blessings He just gave our family.
A place for my kids to go (THANK YOU, MOM!)
A great Doctor who really took the time to look at both kids even though she had a busy schedule too
Medicine- even the antibiotics!
A wonderful husband who is actually out buy Lysol as we speak!!! (seriously)
Friends who immediately started praying for our family as soon as I told them the news
The one healthy kid who totally stepped up tonight as we rushed to get some sort of dinner on the table and he got as much ready as he could
Warm Baths, Warm Beds and lots of prayers.

So I need to Be Still....a lot more often.
When I don't, I miss the blessings that even these "annoyances" bring about. They aren't annoyances, just God's subtle (and sometimes coughingly loud) reminders that we need to Be still and know that He is with us.


kim said...

Love this! That is actually our "theme verse" at work this year. And also the verse that always pops in my head whenever anything bad happens with the kids. And really, it is so much easier knowing that He is in control, isn't it?

Darcy said...

So sorry you are struggling with the little ones...Hope the antibiotics help.
Exodus 14:14 is one of my favorites too..."The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."
Praying for you:)

The Cordaro Family said...

AMEN to you post and both comments above! Praying for your sickies and you!

Sue Schlabach said...

Thanks for your great blog entry, Laura. It actually also helped me to remember to "Be Still and Know". It's difficult, isn't it, to always keep that in focus when so much (good and bad) around us is clamouring to control us. So I am thankful that you are resting in His presence and allowing God to help you BE STILL. Thankful, too, that the little people are feeling better. We've been praying! Love and miss you and the rest of your Clan.