Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Day- Complete!

October 3, 2008- God gave us another child to complete our family!
Family of 5. Forever blessed and forever grateful!

Your process was different Miss M! God knew who was going to join our family before we did. To look back now- the day we decided to adopt again and call our agency (which we did), was the day you were born. 9 1/2 months later, we came to bring you home.

You were so very attached to your foster mom. It was very evident that you shared a special bond. I'm so thankful for her and all that she did for you and for us.
I pray for your birth mom as well. I pray that she feels at peace with her decision.

We got to interact and play with you twice during that week. I enjoyed observing your inquisitive nature and the way you studied each and every move we all made.

The great thing about your process- we got you the night before we flew home, instead of the 3 hours before we flew home with your brothers. Totally helped us get to know you and begin the bonding process. I still am in shock though- how could one tiny person take up an entire bed!!!! You laugh about it now, but I still remember holding on for dear life to the side of the bed to keep myself from falling off. we used towels as blankets because we were too afraid to move you or cover you.

3 years today, Miss M!!! Can you believe it? As I type this, you are in the room next to me playing dress up and wandering in and out of my room as I show you pictures from 3 years ago. Of course you say you remember it. Perhaps you do.

Both of our Family Day's are so meaningful to us. It's our birthdays with each of you. While we couldn't be there the day of your actual birth, we were most definitely praying for you and for God's specific plan for all of our lives. This is the day that I can reflect back on our journey to you and remember all the details of the day. I can remember the smells, the facial expressions from those we walked by, what we wore, wearing you on my back, attempting to change you on the plane (which was a lot harder then your brothers...I think the changing area shrank!) driving home and wondering what you thought about in a car seat for the first time, etc. It felt like it happened yesterday.


Carissa said...

Ok now you have me 10 days it will be 3 years for us. We get to have a huge celebration at school and the kids begged to wear their hanboks....Little Miss M I am sorry we missed you in Korea but one day we will meet you!

sfitz said...

Tears... puddle of tears! Your stories of how God placed all of you together is beyond precious. Such a testimony of God's heart for adoption, as we are adopted through Christ. I read your stories and day dream about what our story will be like!! We love you!!