Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Day

Forever molded into our hearts and so incredibly thankful that God brought you to us! September 19, 2005....what an incredible day!

Actually, we got to complete September 19th twice due to flying home, but I'll let that slide. To look back now, I can totally see each of your personalities on that plane ride home.

Things that I learned in such a short amount of time:
To change a diaper on a plane ( change a diaper, period) times two!
Feeding times two! So thankful that there was three of us to handle the two of you!
I heart Korean Air!
K- you love being the center of attention and was quite content to sit with Gramma and the rest of us as long as you were being held, fed, and played with.
C- I still feel bad for your plane ride home. Hopefully the other passengers have long forgotten the trip. However, very thankful to all the women and flight attendants who took the time to help us out. Well...and actually just take you.
I still remember looking at Jeff and wondering if I should be okay with everyone taking him, or be happy that he wasn't screaming.
We all survived!

On today, I am most thankful for the birth mom who chose the most incredible gift that I believe can be displayed here on earth! First, you chose life! Second, you were amazingly brave, selfless, courageous and so thoughtful, that you chose to give your boys up for adoption! What an inspiration you are. (While what I would say to our birth mom will remain private, my prayers are always that she has felt God's presence in her life and a sense of peace with her decision).

I also am so thankful for our foster mom and her mom who loved and took care of our boys until we could bring them home. These women, as all the foster moms are, are truly devoted to our children. They love our children so much! I am so glad we had the opportunity to meet them and even be given the gift of visiting their home. So many specials memories!

6 short years! Wow! Time has flown! We are so blessed!


Carla (Choosing His Joy) said...

I am in tears....such a sweet post. I am adopted and spent 9 months in foster emotions over it are similar. I am so grateful that my birth mom chose life and then did the most selfless thing imagineable--give me up to someone who could care for me better than she could. xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a special day and a special family. God has blessed you in so many ways and I pray too for the boy's birth mom that she feels God's presence and a peace about her decision.
love you guys!

The Cordaro Family said...

Happy Family Day!!!!! What truly amazing gifts God has given you x3!

sfitz said...

I love you Schlabachs!!!!!!! Love this sweet post. Perhaps I'll be posting my own one day. You inspire me, Laura, and you are one awesome mama. Your kids are DARLING.

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Happy Family Day! This is such a wonderful post... and I loved reading about your boys on the plane ride home. Funny how *now* we can see it was *them*... even then, no?!