Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess

I have 2 older brothers. I have 2 older brothers who like to play with swords and little green army men and build things out of their legos. I have 2 older brothers who like to take my things and then use them for other things. I have 1 older brother who ties all my things together. They want to be a baseball player and a police men when they grow up.
I want to be a mommy.
I want to be a mommy who gets to wear princess dresses.
I like to play with my dolls and stuffed animals and dance and twirl and make silly songs.

Some day, can I boss my older brothers around?


Dania Efird said...

Naia feels ya sister friend! 2 brothers plus 3 little boys next door! Sometimes she just wants to play school and no one will play with her! Sweet girls!

kim said...

she's so pretty! love the dress! and tell her she can boss those boys around starting today-they need it.

The Cordaro Family said...
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The Cordaro Family said...

So cute! Love you, little Miss M! Jaidyn will play house and twirl with you anytime!

Sue Schlabach said...

No--she is a BEAUTIFUL Princess! All girl -- love it!

Darcy said...

What a sweetie! She should definitely start bossing them NOW!