Monday, March 12, 2012

Midway through our adventure

I should be doing a better job and actually taking pictures and documenting this adventure. I will work on that!

We have been a BUSY bunch lately!
All moved in to my parent's house and running through the daily grind.

I'm sure my mom is ready to have her house back (though I am secretly hoping she is enjoying parts of our stay). My Dad is having the time of his life and so are my kids! The kids follow my Dad around like they might lose him! They have also figured out who to go to for donuts, coffee, juice, chocolate..... get the picture.

So the big news is: We are officially home owners again! First time we have owned a house. A whole 4 walls all to ourselves. Feels very grown up. It also came with a sticker reading TLC needed, so we have begun to tackle various projects that will hopefully allow us to move-in, in a few weeks.
An added blessing is that Jeff's Dad arrived on Sunday to help us paint, while Jeff gets some other much needed project done.

We feel totally blessed that we have been given the opportunity to own a home again. We are praying for amazing neighbors and for even more amazing opportunities to witness to others.

Pictures to come as soon as I find and/or unpack a camera!

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