Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A lesson in lemons

My parents have a lemon tree. My crazy K loves anything sour and thus could not possibly wait any longer for a lemon treat. The gang decided on lemonade! Of course they all had to help. I find this hilarious because you suddenly have 3 extra pairs of hands everywhere and all at the same time. They also suddenly dart around and bring in anything they can reach, regardless if you need it.
So today- Pop-pop gave them a lesson in making lemonade!
I had to post it simply because it was funny to listen too. I was in the other room working and the comments I was hearing was priceless.

You have to make sure the lemons are squeezed just right. It helps to have 8 hands helping all at once.

Next, you have the conversation vote on whether we want our lemonade sweet or tart. Majority voted tart, though it probably had something to do with extra lemons sitting nearby that may have felt left out.

Ah, a math lesson is next. We need to measure just the right amount of water. Poor K, all he wanted was the sugar part! And may just make out the top of his head trying to squeeze into view.

A quick safety lesson on electrical appliances! Hopefully that included not placing them directly into water. I couldn't hear due to very excited kids wanting to add sugar! (Apparently, I don't give them enough sugar?)

Finally! The all important step of mixing!!!! C is being very careful to not spill any of the prize. He is also beginning to feel a bit protective over "his" lemonade. Funny how it was the other one who wanted it so badly.

He graciously steps aside to allow his sister all of 2.5 seconds of stirring. His comment: It doesn't need it and be careful!

My sour lemon kid finally took control for a moment. If you know him at all, it was perfect timing as he took the closest position for that first taste.

And finally, success!

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The Cordaro Family said...

AWESOME! Loved the play by play. I could see it unfolding in my head! Ask the kids if they saved Miss J any!