Monday, April 30, 2012


Seriously, where did the past 2 months go?

We are still living at my parent's house, while my amazing hubby is working on our new house. My mom casually mentioned (well, may not have been casual, but mentioned)that I have been lacking in the blogging world. I really had great intentions of keeping up with the antics of the past few months.
So, with our move happening this coming weekend (hooray), here are the top moments from the past few months (in no particular order):

Breakfast time
This has to be the number one vote of all children in this house. I can't really complain either. Our normal routine prior to moving here was perhaps a bowl of oatmeal, a crust of bread, green smoothies, or sometimes an apple in the car as we race to whatever we are late for. But here....oh no, that simply will not do! The kids have grown accustomed to various types of egg dishes, hashbrowns, freshly squeezed OJ, name it! I think there was even a few doughnut runs too!

Bothering Pop-Pop time
Need I say more!?

Sharing a room
All three kids have been sharing a room. It took a bit to get them to adjust and actually go to bed at nights, but the stories, whispering and other adventures that take place are hysterical!

Lizard catching
My mom's yard is full of lizards! I have never seen so many before. All 3 kids have taken to capturing various lizards. You can also include snails in this category too.

So many more that I can write down, but I need to feed the kids....again.

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Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Maybe I should move in with your parents... Just for breakfas! Yum! I love that they all shared a room... The memories being made are priceless, I am sure!