Monday, July 9, 2012


Happy 4th of July....a little late.

Something about moving, end of the year, etc. that has kept me away from blogging. Actually it was a great break. no complaints.

Story on this photo:
So our new neighborhood posted a sign a few weeks ago stating there was a picnic in the park. I thought that was cute, everyone brings a lunch, a blanket and pretends we are some mid-west town and be friendly.
The picnic was NOTHING like that! Oh no, that simply will not do.
There was a bike parade for the kids (which we missed, since we knew nothing about it), then there was free food, games, face painting (thus the hello kitty on the arm of Miss M), music, bouncy houses, train rides, cotton candy, photo booth (thus the photo) name it. One giant massive free block party! It was so much fun. Met 2 new neighbors, so at least we met someone.

So if you happen to be in town for 4th of July, come on by! It's a yearly event.

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kim said...

cute picture! been missing you girl, try to blog more!