Thursday, July 28, 2011

The push of a button

I turned on my computer yesterday morning to complete 3 simple tasks. Two emails and one food co-op order. So simple, so quick, so painless. Then the rest of the day was to be devoted to errands, fort building and so on.

And then it happened!

The little box in the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen flashed update needed. I debated for a moment thinking about how I just wanted to jump on and jump off. I still have a few days left of my summer vacation, who wants to spend it on the computer. However, I decided to click the button and install the update.


Computer won't restart. Ahhh! Take a deep breath, try again! Nothing. Okay....hang on a second, I'll unplug my computer, plug it back in but this time move it closer to me (perhaps it was lonely). Nothing. Okay...I'll try to act like I know what I am doing and hit all those function buttons! One of those has got to work, right? Nothing. No wait.....on top of nothing my laptop gave me a high pitch shrill sound. UGH!

Okay, think for a moment. Call Dad!!! He has caller ID and didn't answer. Text him! Claims he is in a meeting. Okay....grab phone and look up computer company information, call them!!!!

This is where things went from bad to worse! You know who you get on the other line. They read from a script. Try this, push that, hit this, unplug this (why do you unplug again?) And of this, pay for that. I must have had the dumb voice sound or panic stricken sound over the phone because I paid for basically anything and everything.

End result- computer wiped clean! Argh!

In my frustration, I took it out in face*ook post! About 30 minutes later the golden text arrived on my phone. A friend sent such a simple text that I sat staring at my phone for few minutes. Of course I was also blurry eyed from crying over the loss of my laptop! Call my husband is what she sent. Then another with phone number included. I hesitated for all of about 1 minute and called!

14 hours later....... (literally 12 hrs straight!)

My computer is working again! Oh PRAISE GOD! Oh HAPPY DAY!!!! Present day miracle!!! No joke!!!!

Other then losing all my email contacts, I believe I have everything back. Okay, I can't access one email account right now, but really.....I cannot cannot cannot complain!

My call to the company literally cleared off my computer, so how he did it, I still have no clue and yet I was sitting there watching it the whole time. I am so impressed and forever and ever grateful and wished I lived closer that I could thank in person, hand over my first born, you name it!

So while I come off of this emotionally draining 36 hrs, I HIGHLY recommend that if you ever ever ever have any computer issues, contact this company. You will NOT be disappointed.

Check it out: Dominion Technologies

Side Bar- Kids get major kudos for dealing with a distraught mom who didn't even make it downstairs to feed them lunch. At one point while on hold (prior to finding an charging my headset...) I flung carrots, sweet peppers and bread at them and put in a movie! And then called hubby crying begging him to come home. Not that he could fix the problem, but something about having someone there to hold me back from physically throwing my computer out the window seemed reassuring!

I think I need a few days away from technology!

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Jim said...

Oh Computer problems. They are so annoying and as I read this I thought back on so many people that I have had to get through this problem. It is nice to have a resource that you can go to. The one thing I like to recommend is online backup. If you don't have a backup solution go to and for $5/month you can rest happily knowing it is all backed up, including your contacts! And no external hard drives.

Haven't seen you in awhile at church...I think we are like ships passing in the night since I have been gone for 2 sundays in the past month due to the new adoption process.

Nice blog you have here!! I will have to read more. Ours is at -- hope to see you guys soon