Thursday, August 11, 2011

Off to the Races

August marks the end of summer for me. While I was able to squeak in a few extra days the first week, this week there was no denying the pile of work that needed to be done. After 3 days at a work conference, it's time to hit the pavement! Okay, not actually hit the pavement. I will need to drive on it as I meet with 14 families and counting.
I usually set goals for myself each year in regards to church, hubby, family, kids, my job, cooking, etc. Not doing it this year. This year my goal is simple- take AT LEAST 10 minutes per child, per day to have some quality face time! I know it sounds silly and an easy thing to do. But when you already work full time, homeschool part time, make 99% of everything your family eats and everything else..... I will be honest in saying that it did not always happen last year.

So someone....please hold me accountable to this!!!!


Jim said... when you come by the three year old room you need to have 3.5 hours of quality kid face time in your bank....we will be asking!!

Anonymous said...

That's a good goal, and certainly an important one!

The Cordaro Family said...

Great goal! I am sure you all will cherish that time together!