Monday, January 23, 2012

Art therapy

Telling the kids Saturday afternoon about Buster was really really hard! I had to make my husband do it. That's what they are there for, right?? He did a great job explaining what had happened. However, neither of us were prepared for their reactions. How could we be? The only other loved one that has passed on at this point was a parakeet, and they were too young to understand. And apparently I wasn't completely attached to that bird.....this however, has been much different.

All three kids reacted in different ways. C cried the most and took the longest to console. He was quick to ask if Buster was in heaven and was okay. I spent about a half hour with him on the couch just holding him. That was fine with me, we both cried together. K ran and grabbed his camera and began showing us all the pictures he has taken of Buster since receiving his camera for Christmas. Miss M I'm pretty sure was more upset at seeing me cry then perhaps the loss itself. She cried with me for awhile and then was very precious in saying that we can pray for Buster and that he would be alright. About broke my heart, it was that sweet.

After making a comment on Facebook, a friend responded about how their family dealt with the recent loss of their dog. Art therapy. She had them draw pictures of their dog and favorite places, time spent, etc. Such a great idea.

So that is what we did today. We each drew a picture of Buster and how we wanted to remember him. I even completed one, but there is no way I am showing that one to the public. I am NOT an artist, even stick figures look awkward.

We talked about Buster for a bit and I tried to answer any questions that they had. Praise God it wasn't very many. It will definitely take me a lot longer to move on then the kids.

C's picture of Buster at sunset near his favorite outside plant.

K's picture of Buster. He is in the yard near his favorite plant and his condo is on the left.

Miss M's picture of Buster. He is actually in the square near the center of the photo. The black boxes (or rectangles) is his house.


Anonymous said...

Poor Sweeties!
Don't be surprised if they talk about this for awhile. We are a year and a half out from Bob and it is still talked least weekly. More from Owen (4) than Grace (7). He often cries when more melancholy sounding music is on and then says "I miss Bob!" and we always say, "he was a good boy!"
We are able to talk about him easily and in general there aren't tears. We printed out a sweet pic of him for them to each put up in their rooms, that has helped them too.
We had a family friend pass away at about the same time (2 weeks before, his name happened to be Bobby) and so we talked about Bob and Bobby being in heaven together and that Bobby was watching out for Bob for us. Probably not biblically accurate, but it has helped them...
love you:)

kim said...

well you made me cry. art therapy is a great idea though!