Saturday, January 21, 2012

My tribute to my fluffy bunny

I would love to know if there was a more spoiled bunny then my Buster! Something tells me NO~
When I brought this tiny little fluffy ball of fur home 9 years ago, we quickly gave him his own room. He had at that time, a 2-story handmade cage and free roam of a condo, complete with his very own balcony. Buster would run through the house, bank off the walls and then spend hours sitting and eating my wicker patio set while watching the world go by.
When we moved with him to our townhouse....he moved into a 3 story handmade hotel and then had access not only to an entire backyard, but a whole townhouse! There he enjoyed finishing off the wicker patio set and burrowing a hole under our bed. We also had a peach tree, and I never quite got to try those peaches near the bottom. I'm sure they were good. We even planted a small patch of grass for his eating enjoyment!
When we moved into our current house...his house moved with us and here he gained bunny heaven- grass, lots of edible plants, and a really cozy fireplace. Oh, and a laundry room for when it was too cold or too hot to be outside.

I will truly miss my fluffy little bunny! He was only little for a few short weeks and then morphed into an 8-lb bunny, but he is still considered my first born. We had to put him down today after a long battle with arthritis and his hind legs giving out on him. He has spent since Thanksgiving in our laundry room being catered to any need that he had.
While I would never give up having furry family members, this is always the hardest part. To know you are doing the right thing and to hope they are not feeling too much pain.

And so to Buster: You have had so much personality!!!! From bouncing through the house and yard to jumping on me when I had an apple or banana in hand. You put up with 3 moves, 3 kids and countless baths and grooming sessions. I never cared that you ate my furniture (though, don't tell anyone that) or my plants. Thank you for 9 years of cuddles and kisses!


Anonymous said...

Oh Sweetie, I am sorry. I know how hard this is. I'm thinking about you and praying for you and the kiddos as you grieve...Maybe Bob and Buster are romping together somewhere:)

kim said...

oh buster, he was a good and faithful bunny. sorry for your loss my friend-it's the hardest thing to have to put down one of your friends.

Carissa said...

So sorry for your loss....rabbits are the best and it looks like Buster had it good :) So hard to lose a pet :(

Sue Schlabach said...

So sorry you are bunnyless. We know you really loved and enjoyed your fluffy friend. He was a cute "little" fella--glad you took lots of pictures of him.

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

I am so, so sorry for your loss. :-(