Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We scream for ice cream.....right?

My hubby was being very thoughtful on his way home tonight and stopped at the store and picked up dessert for the family. The kids were thrilled!!!!! Amazing how fast they eat when there is a prize at the end!
I should note: I mainly make everything that we eat in our house. So to bring home something store bought is definitely a treat. (My mom gave me a comic strip one time discussing how the mom made brownies and then the kids figured out there was veggies in them. I really do that!)
Anyway, that's not the point.

The point:
In keeping with our gluten free, dairy free household, hubby brought home an "alternative" ice cream. We had friends over a few nights ago and they brought the most amazing "alternative" but, that wasn't available at the store he went too, so he got the next best thing.

See how happy she looks!!!! Kids loved it. They were enjoying every last bite. So imagine their surprise when hubby and I handed over our portions too!

I have only given up ice cream twice in my life! Really!
First time was while I was completing an internship right out of college. Found a brand that my Dad had been working with and thought to try it out. No thank you!!!!
Second time was tonight! No thank you!!!!! Who taste tests these products??? Do they not realize the stiff competition that is out there. Clearly the target audience is those under 7 years and those who have never tasted the real stuff.

So hubby went out for awhile tonight.

I have a feeling he is out to redeem himself and our dessert.

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Sue Schlabach said...

That's too funny. My philosophy about ice cream -- "Don't anyone mess with it to try to change it. I want my ice cream creamy, delicious and as often as my conscience will allow it!!"